February 4, 2009

Grumblings About the Social Web

I'm having a hard time with the whole idea of blogging. In fact, I'm not really into any of the 2.0 social web stuff. The web is full of wackos and miscreants and people who have nothing better to do than read about and comment on other people's lives and stuff. I, personally, would rather live my life off the radar and communicate my thoughts only to those of my choosing. Are you catching the irony here? Oh, well. Since this is a class assignment I'll muddle through and you all will get to read about it.

7 1/2 Habits of Lifelong Learning
I kinda like the idea of a learning contract as mentioned in this section of "23 Things". I consider myself a lifelong learner already, but it's rather haphazard at best. Having some structure and putting some well thought out goals in place is never a bad idea. That's definitely the habit I have the most trouble with. As far as I'm concerned the future is a nebulous "out there" place that you have to deal with as it comes. That said, I do accept responsibility for myself and my learning (habit 2). If there is something I want to or need to do I take steps to see it accomplished. I'm not a long term goal setter though.
The habit I have a definite handle on is 7 1/2. No problem with play here. Well, if you count too much play, yes, that's a problem. I figure that a person needs balance in his or her life and having fun is a necessity as long as the work gets done. Eventually!
Habit 3 is somewhat of a problem for me. I tend to see hitches as these huge colossal things that completely block the path on wherever I'm headed. That is until I get it out of my system, get some perspective and find my way around or under or through the obstacle.
Habit 4 is one I've been working on a lot lately. My husband and I got a puppy last Fall who turned out to be very fearful and antisocial. I'm having to constantly put on a coat of confidence when I walk him or work with him so he can get over his fears. It is not easy and a continuing struggle.
Habits 5-7 I have a pretty good handle on. I used to work in a museum where I taught the public every day on guided tours and programs. I had to put together a learning toolbox just for my job. I am developing another one, or adding on to the previous one, for grad school. And tech is definitely in the mix. Just not the social web tech!

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